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Fresh Cheese

Mozzarella Cheese


One of the most popular categories of cheese we make at Jersey Girl Cheese is Fresh Cheese. It’s made from fresh cow milk, and comes in different varieties.

Fresh Mozzarella: a Southern Italian, white semi-soft, non-aged cheese made from cow’s milk. Made from sliceable curd, it is stretched by hand and shaped into balls. It is then packed in brine. High moisture with a mild tang and slightly salty. Fresh mozzarella is the shining star of a Caprese salad.

Burrata: A true delicacy, its name originates from the Italian word burro, which translates to butter. Burrata is a fresh mozzarella shell, with a thick, rich cream center called stracciatella. One of our most popular cheeses, burrata is used in salads, pizza and even pasta dishes.

Life is great...
But CHEESE makes it better.

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